What are your prices for your doors?…..Our door prices range and are dependent on the square footage of your doorway.  You can contact our sales team to get personalized quotes for your order! Generally iron doors start as low as $1800 and up. Patio doors like bifold doors and multislide doors start around $

How quickly will I receive an iron door?…..Our shipments for iron doors can be expected to arrive anywhere from 3-5 weeks AFTER the order is placed.

How quickly will I receive an aluminum bi-fold door or multi slide door?…..Our shipments for bifold doors and multislide doors can be expected to arrive anywhere from 8-12 weeks AFTER the patio door order is placed.

What kind of warranty do you provide on your doors?…..We provide a lifetime warranty on all of our iron doors and bifold + multislide doors.

Is there a difference in price between a multi-slide and bi-fold?…..No. Our prices are dependent on square footage. So if a bifold door is the same size as the multi-slide door it will be the same price. 

Do you install?…..We do not provide installment. Many of our clients work with contractors they know personally. If you do not have a contractor we can provide a list of trust worthy ones all over the US that we recommend.

Where are you located? ….. We’re located in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California 91405.

Do you have a showroom? ….. Yes, we do. We mainly have our iron doors setup, but we do have the parts for the bi-fold doors and multislide doors so you can see the quality and how the doors will look. We’re open from 8AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday. 

What forms of payment do you accept? ….. We accept check, direct deposit into our Wells Fargo account, cash, Venmo, wire transfer, debit card, or credit card. There is a 2% processing fee added if you are using credit cards though. Our iron door and patio door prices are so heavily discounted that we are working with a thin margin so we can’t have any additional costs added on our end, that is why in order to get you the prices this low the processing fee is billed to you if you decide to use credit card. Thank you for understanding.