Bifold Door 3 – Angua

Bifold Door 3 – Angua

Beautiful modern white aluminum frames large panels of tempered glass in this stunning bifold door, letting all of the beauty and light of the outside world into your home or office. Using modern rolling hardware and sturdy panel and frame designs, our bi-fold doors provide smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems.

  • Lifetime warranty with live human support
  • Heavy duty aluminum
  • Filled with polyurethane for energy savings
  • Both top-hung and floor supported systems available
  • Double pane Low-E glass, tempered and sealed
  • Included weather-stripping to reduce air infiltration
  • Thresholds made to prevent water infiltration
  • Up to 16-door layout (8-left and 8- right)
  • Custom head jamb to accommodate hardware
  • Choice of drop bolts in keyed or non-keyed configurations
  • Open one panel or the whole door, depending on how much space you need – great on moving day
  • Handles, locks,&  hardware included

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