Milan Multi Slide Modern Windows

Multislide Windows from Milan Doors

Milan Multi Slide Modern Windows

  • Coated with Polyurethane for weatherproof hard exterior environments
  • Double pane
  • Tempered glass
  • Fully Insulated
  • Coated with Low-E
  • Sealed with Argon gas
  • Milan Doors and Windows are tested to open 100,000+ times

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Milan Doors presents our new Multi-Slide Window.

These modern windows come in a variety of color options made of strong aluminum material. These windows have multiple panels that slide open to make your space open up. These multi slide windows were inspired from some our Milan Multi slide Patio Doors and Milan Aluminum Bifold doors that are trusted by the best suppliers and contractors in Home Improvement. The multi slide windows can split down the middle, open left to right, or open from right to left. They can also slide into 1 fixed window panel or they can all slide into a hidden pocket to hide your window behind the wall. Call us today for a free quote (818)582-3947.


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