1.6-120 Aluminum Sliding Door 5750

1.6-120 Aluminum Sliding Door 5750

Our Milano Building Products Aluminum Sliding Door is the most modern technological door you will see this year!

  • 1.6-120 Aluminum Alloy Sliding Door
  • Double Glass
  • Waterproof
  • Soundproof
  • Tempered glass
  • 100mm Sash Width View
  • 120/182mm Frame Width
  • Thermal Insulation 2.0-2.8W/m2 * k
  • 200 Pa Air Tightness
  • 4500Pa Wind Load Resistance
  • 450Pa Water Tightness
  • 30(-1;-3)dB Sound Insulation

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Milano Building Products is paving the future when it comes to home improvement products, especially with our Aluminum Sliding Doors. These sleek and stylish designs are perfect for getting a clean and modern look to accent your next project. The standard configuration double tempered glass achieves not only better sound, heat insulation, but also higher safety performance. The High-strength native aluminum profiles cut at a 45-degree angle and stitched by corners. Make it stronger and more pleasing. The 1.6mm thickness is suitable for larger door sizes. Custom decorative bars inside the glass make it more individualized and beautiful. High track and ground track options for better drainage solutions.


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