Sunspear – Wrought Iron Double Door

Sunspear Wrought Iron Double Door with Clear Glass

Sunspear – Wrought Iron Double Door

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* All door purchases include the lock set.

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Wrought iron double door with an eyebrow top and three glass panes, made of 16-gauge steel with 1/2″ to 3/4″ wrought iron for the beautiful design work; this doors dimensions are: 62″ X 96. Our standard door jam is 6″, the door sheet thickness is 1″ or 2″ by 6″ wide around the wrought iron opening.The weight of our iron door entryways are supported by barrel hinges with ball bearings and grease fittings.

All doors will be pre-hung, frames are equipped with mounting flanges to secure the frame and lag bolts could be used. Frames are foam-insulated to help keep your home energy bills low.

Weather strip around the door and glass frame are standard. All doors are pre-bored with a 2 3/4″ backseat, 2 1/8″ borings and 5 1/2″ center to center. Most welding is performed from the inside in order not to alter the smooth finish. Iron door frames are squared and leveled before the door hinges are positioned and welded thereby ensuring a smooth operation period. Iron door frames are squared to less than 1/4″ tolerance.

A 1/2″ flat bar is welded onto the bottom of each frame to maintain installation; this flat bar is also used to secure the door to the floor.

Each entry door includes double pane tempered matt glass panels that open independently from the doors. This feature allows for ventilation, ease of cleaning the glass, and extra security with the way that the glass panes can individually open when someone comes to your door. A variety of glass is offered as an option: Frosted, Gluechop, Rainstorm, Mirror glass, Aquatex, Hammered, Clear, and more.

All hardware necessary to operate and assemble our doors is included.

All doors are fully insulated with thermal injected foam in the door, window frame, and the door sheet.

Our iron doors come with a lifetime warranty and actual human support!


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